“I go back to Capri to pick up the colours”

It would be difficult to understand Luigi’s art without referring to the place he was born. Luigi was born on the first of October of 1944 in Capri, the island in the Gulf of Naples that first attracted Roman emperors and then all sorts of celebrities from the 50`s to this very moment.

Capri (Italy) 1944 – Graz (Austria) 2015

The Blue Island is famous for the iconic “faraglioni” and the “piazzetta” and makes people fall in love with its red moon and the amazing landscapes. When you think you know how turquoise looks like, Capri will surprise you with a new tone coming out of the sea and the sky; when you believe you have seen enough sunsets, the island will bring tears to your eyes with a new wonder. Capri is an ever-changing natural masterpiece of colours that never stops to surprise its visitors.

Luigi was able not only to “pick up the colours” he also managed to give his artwork the same changing nature: different layers of colours will manifest themselves based on the different lights they are exposed to. The same painting may be joyful in the morning and scary in the evening, able to move different emotions and create multiple effects. Luigi’s paintings will change and surprise in the same way Capri changes and surprises with different weather conditions.

From a technical point of view he was very rigorous in his studying and deeply admired Caravaggio and the Venetian school in general. This website is a small tribute to him, knowing though that we will never be able to reproduce digitally what his paintings can transmit in person.

A film made by Mr.Bonzai in 2001